So, Legion hit us August 30th 2016 – the expansion came and went – we had Flaskies all around this evergrowing and expanding cosmos that is Azeroth – quite a few players left the game entirely – real life happens, as we all know…, but also several new ones joined our ranks. Remember how the … Read moreLegion

Highmaul time!

Alrite! We should by now have more than enough 100s at the required ilvls and with the courage to join us as we go for Highmaul. Time to flask up and prepare. Remember, 630+, be ON MUMBLE before raid start. EVERYONE bring your own flasks/pots – the guild will provide feasts (thanks to those Flaskies … Read moreHighmaul time!

Pre-Patch 6.0.2

Welcome back, ol’ and new, Flaskies of all shapes, sizes and ages! Patch 6.0.2, also known as the Pre-Patch – is here. Get knackin’ at getting to know your avatar anew, most have fewer abilites/buttons/binds to relate to than they used to, and it’s weird but sometimes it really only kind of gets harder when … Read morePre-Patch 6.0.2