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Wednesday, 25 February 2015 14:16
Sadly, with the removal of some guild perks as well as the general mentality of guild memberships (not only inside Flaskaholics, but more in general for the everchanging player base) and the direction the game has taken over the last few expansions, our Guild Bank is quickly running short of funds. The guild has not done any investing or bought any major things since the release of Warlords, but even so, the balance has dropped drastically... So, cash flows out faster than it comes in.

A combination of the looting system, no perks and more leads to this. Introducing the changes to the looting system for at least the progression runs, as well as shuffling off our strongest at “wheelin’ and dealin’” guys to the nearest auction house along with (promised) change from Blizzard with the Weekly Guild Challenges (dungeoning with guild groups, 1 raid boss per week in a guild group etc.) will hopefully lift us up slightly.

Your may not have noticed, but with the guild bank closing in on bankruptcy, your officers joined forces and chipped in, to pad out the cash load somewhat. With some fresh golds flowing back in, the guild will slowly try to pay them back. Be aware though, should the balance go dangerously low again, we might juggle around with the limits on guild bank repairs, to find the right balance… Now, if only Dat Rogue woud stop dying a gazillion times in each raid, we’d have a ton of gold in that guild bank…

What happened to free enchants from the guild?

The current state of the guild economy does not allow us to support this at the moment. Thus, we will no longer do these with mats included. If you have the mats and need an enchant done, of course you may approach any officer to be directed to a Flaskie who will happily enchant your gear free of charge.

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