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Wednesday, 25 February 2015 13:29
We are up for the challenge!
We are making some changes to the current raiding as we will be adjusting slightly and aiming towards a somewhat stronger focus on progression for the main runs on WED/FRI/SUN. This has some implications on how and whom, and the group will be trimmed to match the challenges of each particular night. Some might be pulled in for the farmable bosses and then put on standby for the bosses the group is still working on for progression. We cannot be as inclusive as we’ve been until now in this expansion, as we’ll need to tune the group as strictly as we can in order to get more bosses down and get them on farm mode. Tuning of groups is always a challenge, but the end goal is more progression = more bosses on farm = more loots for our Flaskies, all of which in turn leads to even more progression. It is all a very good “circle of life”, when it works out properly…

Suzie will still be our demanding raid leader, and Rich and Fel will be main assists for any of the progression runs they are in.
The changed focus of our raiding goals will not affect the current guild ranks or signups to the raid.

We are actively recruiting for another tank, as our current situation has us extremely vulnerable to the point of having cancellations due to lack of tanks. If you or anyone you know are looking for a raiding atmosphere like ours, get them in touch with Felinas, as he is in charge of raid recruiting. A prot Paladin, Brewmaster or warrior, would all be good additions to our current group. Keep in mind our age/FB requirement when looking at your friends list.

MONDAY nights will become an official social/alt run night, so that we are still offering raids for the ones who are not in the progression runs or those who have alts they want to gear up. This coming Monday has a run up organized by Tinaar, which will be left to happen as planned. Onwards, new Monday runs will be put up shortly after that. Initially, Teravor will be in charge of these.

Raid Rules Reminders

  • We need you guys to sign up/off to raids earlier. For raid planning to work out properly, we need you to sign up/off as early as possible, and then if changes happen that affect your availability, make sure to contact Suzie/Fel/Rich as soon as possible. The sooner you can sign and be confirmed, the sooner the raid leader can plan what bosses to aim for and what composition we have available for the given night. Also, it shows us that you are reliable and able to plan ahead, which are both good things for progression raiding.
  • If you do have to unsign shortly before a raid, the least you are expexted to do, is message the raidleader on FB or ingame about it. Also, repeatedly doing this will affect your priority for future raid spots.
  • Being on Standby. This means that you can respond to a FB message within 5 minutes during raid hours, and that you can be online with your raiding toon (obviously repaired, with pots and flasks) at the entrance of the raid instance within a total of 10 minutes from the initial message was sent. Standbys are important roles for progression raiding, as some fights might even require the raid leader switch around on the roster.
  • We have no history of, nor do we want any kind of backseat raidleading whatsoever. If you have inputs for the raid/bosses, approach the raid leader well before raid start to have a healthy discussion and your input might be taken into consideration, or ask for a quick chat during a break or after the run. Do not secondguess what the raid leader requests of the group during the raid and most definitely do not be a loose cannon on mumble midraid. The raid leader is the raid leader, and while we all probably disagree with certain things at one point or another, as a group we have committed ourselves to perform our best and do our best. Of course, when the raid leader asks for inputs – you are expected to speak out about anything regarding the task at hand.
  • We do not link meters in raidchat/healchat/guildchat just for the sake of linking them. We log every run we do to, and we also have appointed officers who are logcheckers and they will examine our logs for evaluation purposes and to spot problem areas in which we need to improve in order to deal with mechanics and bosses as required. Of course, the odd fun linking of something is allowed in ghcat – but raidchat/healchat should be kept free of these with the exception of links on request by or from the actual raid leader.
  • MUMBLE. Is to be set up AND tested AHEAD of raid start, all needed info can be found in the guild info ingame.

  • The everlasting question of loots

    We will be turning to Master Looter w/ Rolls for all runs except the new official MON Social run (which will stick to Personal Loot, for ease and mainly because these runs have a wider variety of toons in them). The change will be effective starting with the WED run on Feb 25th. A primary goal is to try and keep loot distribution simple, yet fair – and in practice the rule is that everyone who can use the item is eligible to /roll when the Master Looter offers the item up. Items no one need/want, will be DE’d for mats/sales for the guild bank.

    What about them sexy Bind On Equips?

    BoEs that drop will be offered to people in the actual run to buy for a fixed price by iLvl of the drop. If more than one is interested, these will do a regular /roll for the item. If it is bought for an alt toon, the meet and exchange will have to find place during a break or immediately after the run. These items need to be equipped when bought.
    If no one in the actual run wants to buy the item, it will be offered on our FB page. These offers will be handled on a first come, first serve basis. This means that the first person to post that (s)he wants to buy it, will get it. The correct way to close the deal, is to post the name of the toon you want to buy the item for. An officer will then approach you ingame so the actual trade can find place. Again, the item has to be equipped once traded. Once the trade is complete, the officer will sign off on the FB post, to indicate the item has been sold.
    After some time of being offered on our FB page, the item will be removed and the FB post will be shut down – and the item will be put up at the auction house.
    [iLvls / Prices will be up in a separate post on FB as well as in the guild info tab ingame]
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