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Tuesday, 27 January 2015 00:18
So, Flaskies! 2015 has been around for a while, we've all survived the Holiday Season without any major issues aside from the obvious of being Flaskaholics. There's been mentions of everything from Tequila to Ciders and on to the darkest of Whiskeys - but we seem to have come out the other end with no real loss.

Poupougne has lead us through strenuous work at Highmaul, and finally the full clear was there! As always, it gave that very special feeling of greatness (maybe not quite like the Champion-feeling from Lich King, but still...) for most in the raid group. We've decided to blame the final kill on Shameshedied, as (s)he stepped out shortly before it became a reality. Thanks to everyone who's been part of this, thanks to all Flaskies, in effect, as you all take part in this - simply by being a part of the guild.

We had made a decision to stress a bit towards making sure we'd get the 7 weekly guild runs of dungeons done each reset, but ofc Blizzard has bugged this out since the launch of WOD, so no gold is granted to the guildbank, nor are the "challenges" being ticked off properly, so we'll have to put this on hold until Blizzard pushes it up on their list of things to sort out. Also, quite a few of us are waiting for that swimming pool to be available for our Garrisons. What would beat a proper pool party. No Titos allowed, unless he brings his monkey onesie ofc...

However, new social goals might be trying to push for the Guild Achievements for killing the world bosses. More info on this incoming, as we're able to find a suitable time for this to happen - it might be organised on the fly, but there's no reason why we can't try for this several times - if there is interest. Obviously, most are not really after these loots currently, but nonetheless, killing them with enough Flaskies to get the Guild Achievements ticked off might as well happen now or we'll be nagging you guys to do it at some later point in time...

So, wrapping up, we want to come with a couple of reminders in regards to raiding, these are things which have indeed caused minor issues in the raiding we've had since WOD came out, so please read through and at least give it a thought or two of whether you're contributing to this in the right way or not, as well as how you as a player might help out so that things are as smooth as possible and so that we can have more focus on the actual boss kills/mechanics, and less on "omg that transmog looks really awful on your toon!"

Although we've usually had our share of drama queens in our raidgroup through most tiers, that does not mean we've ever approved of them or wanted it to be like that. So, please guys, less drama and more focus - especially on the nights where Poupougne is in the mood to strangle someone if they step on that mine or blow up the ranged group cause they're slow to do what they should've done by reflex :)

So, a couple of pointers:
- Be gemmed and enchanted, fully repaired and with flasks/pots for the whole night before teleporting/flying to the raid scene for the night.
- Sign up as soon as possible, the sooner you sign, the easier raid management and planning becomes. Also, reliability in this sense will pay off, in the long run and you'll be more likely to get prioroty for a spot, at least ahead of those last minute signers...
- Sign up on the toon you actually wish to bring to the raid, there is no way our raid management will be keeping track of your gazillion level 100s who are all raid ready and keen on gear and whatnot.... Know, however, that raid composition will be stressed over everything, so you might be asked to swap to a role you're known to be able to fill, if that will make the run smoother (or sometimes, happen at all) - swapping like this will also gain you credit with the management as they see you willing to walk the extra mile, at the benefit of the group rather than yourself.
- If you suddenly realise you cannot make a raid you've signed up for - whisper an officer about this asap, preferrably one of the ones set to Moderators on the actual raid event.
- If you are going to be late or can only join if you can come later than actual raid start, whisper an officer so Poupougne can be informed - they will try to accommodate, but there is no guarantee - as this depends on the setup for the night.
- If you are new to the guild - try to make sure to sign up to the WED night runs, this is where the raid management can see you in action and also get to know you without throwing you straight into where the "we are not ending this raid until this one guy is dead!"-mentality kicks in :D
- Lastly, this should be a nobrainer, but actually has to be mentioned: Bring your good side and your good Flaskiespirit and mood. If you're not feeling it, then don't raid on that night. We all have our off nights, and we're all entitled to them, but we are not at all entitled to making sure everyone else becomes a part of our "crappy" night...

Cheers - have fun, enjoy the game and the guild - Flaskies Forever!
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