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Thursday, 04 December 2014 11:46

Alrite! We should by now have more than enough 100s at the required ilvls and with the courage to join us as we go for Highmaul. Time to flask up and prepare. Remember, 630+, be ON MUMBLE before raid start.

EVERYONE bring your own flasks/pots - the guild will provide feasts (thanks to those Flaskies who have kindly contributed with depositing these into our GuildBank. Keep 'em coming, we're gonne need loads to get us through these new hardships that Blizzard has cast upon us). Run goes from 20:30 till 23 (all times in ServerTimes, always).

Poupougne will be in charge, so we all lissen to her, and we all lissen well!
So, chop-chop-go-go!!

Flaskies Forever!

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