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Wednesday, 12 November 2014 19:04

So...tonight is the night. It is FINALLY here! We reckon you are all stocked up on all appropriate drinks (FLASKaholics, cmon...), foods and any other required helpers for the incoming rush to level 100! Oh, and you all better have those raid diapers equipped...

We have organised the GuildBank, got brand new Guild Ranks for all - and request that all you who are rank SOBER get going and sign up to our Facebook group page "Flaskaholics", it can be found here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/flaskaholics/. Or, just type in "Flaskaholics" in the searchbox on Facebook to find us. It is a private group, so no one else will know your well hidden secret (if your real life friends don't know you're an avid Gamer-At-Heart!), also - remember, there are no requirements that you befriend other guildies on FB.

However, signing up to the group is (from now on) a requirement for memebership in the guild, so please get moving :D All members above rank SOBER have been cleared, one way or the other. Once you've signed up and been accepted in - an Officer will get around to promoting your toon ingame. Also, once promoted, any alts you wish to bring into the guild are also welcome. Just organise with other Flaskies. Anyone of rank Hammered or above should be able to invite you.

Us Officers want to wish you all HAPPY LEVELING through new zones - and we all look forward to lots of FlaskiesFun together in this new expansion... Off, fellow Flaskies - you all know what you gotta do...

Flaskies Forever!

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