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Wednesday, 02 October 2013 08:59

Rite, so... Patch 5.4 has been out for a bit, and we're all getting into stuff around the Timeless Isle, and planning to get kickin' in the new raid instance - Siege of Orgrimmar - sometime really soon - be it on Normal mode og Flex mode.
Hoping all those who will be participating have completed the LFRs (in the words of Deathwing himself: argh, the pain and the agony…).

Anyways - major changes have been made to our guild administration as well as our guild roster, so please pay attention to the following.

1. We will be using our Facebook group "Flaskaholics" more as our "forum", thus the forum on these pages will not really be actively used anymore (and yeah, far too many of you guys really slacked on that anyways). We will post information pertaining the guild in the Facebook group, and we will link to posts here that you might be required/expected to read up - and information that we reckon you best get your hands on will be appropriately put up and linked between the FB group and this Website.

2. We have cleaned up the website user access, and should we accidentally have deleted your user - please let us know by sending an ingame mail with your email address and name of main toon to EUPHEMIA.

3. We have sent out invites for the Facebook group to all current members on the roster who also had existing profiles/users in this forum system - have you not received an invite or are you not already a member of the group - please do step 2.

This post will be updated as we get a clearer idea of how we will work things through this patch.

Cheers and have fun on the Timeless Isle! Don't forget to follow through for Wrathion - he'll give you that legendary cloak once you finish his quests!

Oh, we also pulled out some old sliders for the topbanner, from our previous grand adventures getting our Realm Firsts! So you can all gloat a little bit!

Flaskies Forever!

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