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Monday, 03 June 2013 11:57

So, our extensive work on this turtle FINALLY paid off. Juggling a bit and we wound up with what felt like one of the most controlled first heroic mode kills ever (yeah, them healers will prolly kick my ass for this, but oh well, I'll just let them!). Read it all!

Not much can bring us down from the extreme high of something we put so much work into that finally clicks and just works out. Really nice work from everyone, and who knows what kind of stereoids our mage was on - he made his first rank ever out there on the World of Logs, grats Iconia - a job well done!! Oh, and you didn't die to the rockfalls! That gives you our special achievement for that, tbh.

We had a week where signups were a bit messy, a certain shammy healer seems to be slacking and it's not helpful when that happens just as a couple of other raiders are out of town - however, we still got work done and did the clear last reset as well as preparations for this new heroic mode kill. Now to seek out new challenges (TOT HC does have plenty of them), and more fame and glory for everyone.

Flaskies Forever!

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