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Saturday, 04 May 2013 09:59

Congratulations, Flaskaholics! Lei Shen, Emperor and the one to claim the title The Thunder King, has been downed and looted. We sorted out the conduits, making sure they did not max out on energy without us planning for them to do so , we organised mini-groups within the raidgroup, to deal with their separate quadrants during transitions, we had clever tanks who worked together as if they were one (uhm, scary thought, by the way - a bear and DK in one...let's not go there), and maybe most importantly, we had (again) two healzors really topping their game off. Going two healers on this fight really seemed to do the trick for us, and we could get our loots and nice screenshots, and more importantly, open up for heroic mode work in the Throne of Thunder... We've been doing decently this tier, and of course made sure to get the achievement Ahead of the Curve: Lei Shen whilst at it...

Rarely do we take time to rest on them laurels, and the same applies this time around. We'd rush off into the Throne again straight after next reset, and start working on Jin'rokh on heroic mode. He had a couple of new abilities for us to deal with. Ionization was okay, didn't take too long to sort out - the worst for us was the sparklies those beams would spawn during the Lightning Storm. Man, they could bbe nasty sometimes, and again - you just gotta love RNG, rite... However, way ahead of the end of the raid night, we had looted him (and to everyone's surprise, there was actually no +Str loots to be found - lets just not mention the DK's coin roll...), and rejoiced. We felt so on top of our game, that we went to knock over a few bosses in Terrace of Endless Spring for some Raid Achievements we were missing. We wrapped up the Power Overwhelming on the Protectors of the Endless, and the slightly tricker one on the Sha; The Mind-Killer.

Grats on full clear in Throne of Thunder as well as one boss downed on heroic mode!

Quite a few raid achievements have been ticked off over the last few resets also, giving us a nice margin ahead of #2 on the realm. Here are some of them:

Keep up the good work, Flaskies!

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