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Tuesday, 16 April 2013 10:12

Uhm , official announcement incoming: We have rocking healzors. Seriously! Shameudied and Paoshu have now 2man-healed almost every single fight in Throne of Thunder, up to and including the Twin Consorts, the very first time we even killed them, ever... Awesome work from the two of you. Flaskies have had yet another interesting week, we do not rest on our laurels, nor do we waste time distributing all that +Strength loot (yeah, they still do go to Tera) - joking aside though, we have had quite a few raiders get quite a few really excellent upgrades as well - so Tera has not been taking all the loots, not at all...

We are disappointed at the drop rate of shiny epics from the trash though, in the coming weeks we will likely try to skip as much trash as possible, as clearing them seems to just really leave us spending more time on trash than bosses - sorry Jack, no more Bat Guano for you, I guess... Anyways, having cleared all the way to the Iron Qon last reset, this reset was met with excitement and anticipation, hoping to have us all able to stay outta the shizzles and get safely through the nasty Wind Storm of the second quilen. To be honest, once you have everyone survive the first two quilen, the fight seems to become somewhat more manageable, as long as people do not get themselves stunned by hugging the frost tornadoes or just plain mess it up somehow. Our two healers of the night could shine and really show off (or spazz out behind their keyboards might be a more appropriate description) <3

Onto the next room, where mogus hold celestials trapped and we need to free them in order to have them help us out "on request" during our struggle with two twins gone haywire. Time for the Twin Consorts, Lu'lin and Suen both really do put up a fight, but with our tanks sorting their stuff out pretty instantly, and (again) or two healers getting to grips with what they needed to do, we were okay as long as Shame did not go to sleep from trying to smell them Lotuses. As per usual, on the very last pull of the night - that's when it happened, we had set up dps rotation for going in to request help from the celestials, and we only got to number two out of four before Suen had to give in. It sure does help a lot when we can afford to go with two healers!

11/12 bosses down in Throne

Excellent work, everyone!

Guild Achis and Social Flaskies

Even with the raiders busy in Throne, the guild and its socials are still actively working on all sorts of ingame stuffs. Latest achievements we got were the guild achievements for killing Oondasta and Nalak while in a guild group! Good going! Thanks Blizzard, for not recognizing the kill we did weeks ago, which we even have up on youtube and where we had loads of Flaskies with us... But it all don't matter now!