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Saturday, 30 March 2013 17:22

So, another reset well on its way, we've worked a bit too much on Megaera, in true Flaskies style, we seem to struggle on the fights that others find rather straight forward. However, consistently getting to the very last head and then sorting out some major cooldowns for healing to keep people alive (prio to tanks/healers) finally paid off.

We got to unlock that giant chest and got some nice loots for a couple of raiders. We still seem to have some sort of weird spell cast on us that keeps tossing +Strength gear our way. We aren't sure, but luckily this raid night also had some loots fall on that DK's lovely warlock partner! About time, and grats Pouopougne!

So, SERIOUSLY BLIZZARD?!!?! Who in their right mind make up trash like these? Gastropods can go to H*** for all I care (me being a melee) and also for those arachnaphobic raiders (not sure I can really make out the logic in that, but...) what's with them spiders popping up!? And them bugs doing their Luciferase, and them worms and...the story goes on and on.

We'll give you this, Blizzard, this trash did call for some major OMFG-getthehellouttahere-moments, but really - we'd have thought that there being a BIG Bird at the end of that tunnel, with all her Hatchlings and Juveniles - don't they feed on these bugs?

Well, you can try, but even the meanest of bugs could not keep us away from this wonderful fight with Ji-Kun. A mere total of 10 tries or so, and this fight was done with. Our flying team did an awesome job - cheers to Atherol, Lycanfox and Paoshu (and Palanius on the initial tries), and of course the main platform heals from Shameudied and Zìggy combined with nice raid coordination from individual raiders stepping in them Feed Pools and making up for a "clean" kill. Grats everyone on a job very well done.

Durumu next?

As for the two fun-tries we did on Durumu...let's not go there...just...yet...

You missed out?

Oh, btw - for those Flaskies who slacked - here's the Oondasta killvideo: Check it out!

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