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Monday, 18 March 2013 01:01

Sunday was interesting - we started out in the early afternoon - organising 3 full 40-man groups for killing Oondasta up at the Isle of Giants, and then during the Sunday Honored Raid, we kicked some turtles around... We had worked on this boss for a few raidnights and we had kicked turtles east and west, we had wiped because of Stalactites, Vampiric Bats, or even just random failed interrupts on the boss.

Well, after sorting out 2 healing or 3 healing (read: raiders being good at not being hit by shizzles), we sorted out raid dps distribution as well as some of the other issues we had worked on here, and consistently would get him into the execution phase, which means we could see the faint shimmering of purple epics in the near future. Saving some turtles up for kicking and cracking his shell during execution as well as moving timewarp to that phase lead us to success, and we got some nice loots for...SURPRISE...NOT Teravor this time, but our Lucky Lycanfox and Magical Magisize. Grats!

Delving deeper into these Forgotten Depths, we found weirdly smelling mushrooms, and different mobs of many kinds, as well as some Mogus stashed away, each defending a bell. We'd ring these bells without a clue of what would happen, but then it turned out to be what would eventually get Megaera out and about so that we could get some tries on this next boss - the 3-headed Hydra that she is. Oh, and let's not forget - OVERLY EXCITED yammering from our boomkin as he stood there, knee-deep in the waters after we'd killed a Lurker of sorts, and moved on to more trash...there were EPICS in there, and solely for him! Grats, Atherol! It's been a nice raidday for Flaskies!

4/12 down in Throne of Thunder!

Grats to looters and great efforts from everyone, now Ihcaret - let's bring out that monk of yours and see how he can help us out in ToT!

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