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Saturday, 16 March 2013 12:12

Time for the Council to see if their counceling had them in any way better prepared than we were. We'd tried them at the end of a previous raidnight, so we knew what we were up agains. Read all about it here... Slight adjustments to our tactics, and not to mention, proper dps assignments, and nice heals from our awesome medics, and down the bosses went so we could loot!

Very persistently, our raidleader had decided we'd be best off by getting Sul out of the picture, so he would never be empowered and turn them Quicksand pools into Living Sand adds, as that would just be overwhelming. After juggling the dpsers around for a bit, we nailed it - Sul went down, and "by all that is holy", she was right! The fight changed drastically, and it was (almost) a cakewalk from here on. We lost a mage on the way there, but he served well as cheerleader, so all was well and ended well. Thanks to slightly undergeared Dazze (grats on loots!) and Iconia, not even a Flaskie! for stepping in when our regular Raiders were probably out and about doing what they'd usually do on a Friday night IRL.

3/12 down in Throne of Thunder!

Keep up this good work all! Oh, and grats on keeping those Raid Achievements up there also!

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