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Wednesday, 13 March 2013 14:18

So, we pretty much worked all we could and then some on practising and sorting out the stuff on this boss. After wrapping up the achievement on Jin'rokh on the first night of the reset, and indeed the first night with Throne of Thunder on live, and killing him off, sorting out the nasty trash on the way to Horridon we started our work on him and kept the work going through the week. We had raiders sign up for extra runs pretty much all nights of the week, and we learned the fight the way Flaskies usually do it: One step (read: wipe) at a time.

First we figured out how to deal with the Farraki Trolls, then on to the Gurubashis steamrolling out of Gate #2 - on to the really tricky dudahs from the Drakkari tribe (mon, yoo hurtin' us with 'em frozen orbz!!), and this gate was to become the last nail in our coffin on soooo many tries. We sorted and reorganised cooldowns and timewarps and interrupts and stuns and had all 10 raiders pull out all those abilities from their lockers for one fight only. Blizzard, for some odd, odd reason, decided to nerf the healthpools on the trolls before the reset was over, so their healthpools were somewhat decreased on our killnight, but then again, it was a 1-shot and left us some time to start working on the Council of Elders.

Things you should have on your 2-do lists after resets this patch:

Just to clarify a few things:
- Looting a Trove of the Thunder King can be done by each character once per week. New chests that spawn will be invisible to you. - The Treasure Run, solo scenario that can be done if you have a Key to the Palace of Lei Shen can be done as often as you have keys, which means you can do it once with the key from the Trove of the Thunder King, and if you are lucky enough to also loot one off random mobs or "rares" (higher chance on drops from them than regular mobs) on the island, an extra run can be made. On top of this, if you strike a lucky charm and loot yet another key from the Arcane Trove you get for finishing the complete hub of dailies for the day, you can run yet another Treasure run. It is, however meant to be a weekly thing, so don't expect these keys to fill up your bags any day soon.

Nice work and let's keep having fun ingame, Flaskies!

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