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Monday, 11 March 2013 15:32

Alllllriteeee, first reset since patch hit live is closing up, and Flaskies have surely been busy. We've delved off into the Throne of Thunder (loving the artwork, btw), killed of the initial kind-of-ezmode-boss and then hit our gear-wall on the horrendous Horridon. We are slightly undergeared, partly due to us starting the last tier a bit late, and also having major issues with the roster for too many resets, but we like to raid the Flaskies way. We go where the Raid Leader tells us we'll be going. So we've wiped and wiped again, on Horridon. Futile, you may say/feel, but I (being the raid leader) feel very differently about it. We have certainly sorted out the big what/when/where of the fight, and when we return to his arena, after gearing up a bit more - we will certainly not spend forever sorting out these 3W again, because we now know them - by heart...

We also had one of the most interesting wipes where we kind of all did die, but the fight kept going (addwise) whilst the boss had reset and stood there, ready for a new pull - so when we did pull the boss, we had adds from 2 gates flushing in over us at the same time... Needless to say, wipeee - I really do need to write to Blizzard about that "wipe"-button - because it would really be helpful whilst doing these wipe-to-learn initial workshops on new bosses...

We've been doing the new dailies, working on new reps with the Shado-Pan Assault, with the Kirin Tor Offensive, and basically, getting ready to kill a king.

Oondasta & Nalak - new world bosses

So, the screenshot on the frontpage isn't from ToT, it's from the Isle of Giants, which happens to be the spawnpoint for Oondasta, one of the new world bosses, and yeah, he is a touuuuuuuuuuuuuuuch Bstard. Really, we must've had at least three full 40-man raidgroups doing this cross-realm, and I guess these screenies do speak for themselves... We died, and died again - whilst slowly shaving off hp on the boss, till it was finally dead and time for loots. Also, btw - this is a lagfeast unparalelled!!!

Some Flaskies are slowly getting into killing this guy, and we hope more of you get to see him, fight him, die to him and not to mention get a shot at loots from him.
You have to be really sure you are up for this though. To the left is a screenie of the deaded boss:

There is also another new world boss, Nalak, but apparently he does not unlock until all stages up to Stage 5 in the war efforts have been completed - follow the link below for more information on this.

So, what else is new?

For those of you who want to catch up on some more stuff, you ought to head on over to Patch 5.2: Isle of Thunder Content Guide @ wowhead. It is good, and you get to know more about all this brand new content that has been tossed our way with this latest patch!

Keep up the good work, Flaskies!

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