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Thursday, 07 March 2013 08:46

So, figuring out stuffz for this new playground we got - the Throne of Thunder. In fresh Flaskies Spirit (the Flaskies Forever, you know?), we went for sorting out the achievement first - as it had been stated it was rewarded midfight , which meant we might as well just go for it whilst wiping on our very initial tries on this first boss called Jin'rokh The Breaker (Blizzard really are testing our spellings with these new bossnames, it seems)... In true Flaskies style, we grabbed the Realm First for this raid achievement, Lightning Overload, and started working on the proper kill. If wowhead acts up, here's the realm rank listing for the particular achievement at

Of, course, before the doors to the boss arena could be opened, there were a couple of groups of trash outside, as long as we kept the Initiates and Water-Binders somewhat under control, we seemed to be okay on them, and of course with the mandatory ninjapull of a patrol and a few people dying (oh wait, it was only that rogue who died... Anyways, initial trash was over in a quick fashion, leaving us more time on the achievement and first boss.

Lightning Overload

So, the achievement states: "Cause two Focused Lightning Orbs to collide while fighting Jin'rokh the Breaker in Throne of Thunder on Normal or Heroic difficulty.". So, we thought that can't be too tricky, rite? Off we went, pulled the boss and yelled at those who had the Focused Lightning on them to moved here, there and everywhere. However, after some tries, having a warlock in the group, we decided to try and make use of the Demonic Gateway. We had our tanks with a healer in a far corner, and the whole raidgroup in the opposite corner, so as to maximize the travel time of the Focused Lightning after the boss spawned it right at his position until it would reach the focused target in the far corner. Just as the orb arrived there, we would have the focused raider click the Gateway, thus forcing the orb to change direction and start moving back towards the boss. We would have the landing gateway almost on top of the boss start position, as this would mean the targeted raider now had to kite the orb for a little while and try to make it crash with the newly spawned orb (which would be targeting a new raider). On the actual achievement try, we were lucky that the second orb focused on our tank healer, which means the two focused raiders could coordinate quickly. Btw, the orbs are quite small and need to really, really COLLIDE for the achievement to pop up.

Nice work, everyone - grats again on another Realm First Achievement!

So, mixing electricity with water? Really?

Right, we all learnt in school that you should never have electricity close to water/fluids as the water becomes a conductor for the electric current. Either Blizzard are thinking we all skipped those classes and they want to fry us for it - or, they simply want to give us a lesson for refreshing this knowledge. So, sort out how to control where your tank is being thrown when the boss picks him up, as that's where the Conductive Water pools will spawn, and grow. Your raiders want to stand in the pools so long as they arent corrupted by the boss' Lightning Storm and as long as the raiders (ranged and healers) are careful not to have any Focused Lightning Orbs pop in the pools. Assign where you want the orbs popped, as they leave Lightning Fissures after being popped (by hitting their focused target). Fissures left in a spot where Conductive Waters will be placed, will be removed by the Water Pool, use this to your advantage... The trick is to figure out where the safe spots are after more than two pools have been corrupet by Lightning, once you do that and as long as your healers can keep up - you can kill and loot this guy!

That's trash you say? Or a boss?

Brave Flaskies never just stop on that. Moving on, to the trash that will be the most interesting when released on LFR, unless Blizzard nerfs it down really badly. Let's just say there are several elements involved: Bridges with winds to slow you and making it impossible to mount up, Banshees that apply a stacking debuff that decreases healing on everyone, Spirit Flayers who do not attack directly but who will knock you back if you get too close. And ofc, they are on the bridges too, claiming the bridges belong to them! In addition, there are snakes in the grass, as well as an interesting Construct between the two bridges. Range Radars popup at 10 yards, so... Our secret came to be in the kiting. Take your time, pull only the mob you actually want to kill - and kite it to a safe spot before killing it. Let any debuffs wear off before moving on. Oh, and we popped timewarp/heroism whenever it was off cooldown... Rather debuffed and alive than the other alternative...

We even got to end the night with a funpull on the second boss in there - as opposed to Jin'rokh, he seems to have an awful lot of trolls (adds) on his side!

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