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Wednesday, 06 March 2013 12:14

Tier 15 for raiding has now come on live, with the release of patch 5.2 The Thunder King. Let's quickly try and sum up our oh so diligent work through tier 14. Make sure to click and read more about it all!

Diving into new content is always exciting and fun (and then it oftentimes becomes a little bit boring, as Flaskies, like most of the wow population, tend to overdo things...), and there is now an entriely new zone added to the game, and a whole new raid tier, as well as war efforts where the realm effors will be measured and required...

Ahead, indeed

Before we delve into the "depths" of the smaller and the bigger things that Flaskies did while tier 14 was current raiding content, we want to pass forward a BIG grats to all the raiders who finished up with us and have now been rewarded with the appropriate Feats of Strengths:

Excellent group efforts, guys!

Wipes, where?

Several bells should ring for everyone at the mention of wipe frustrations. We worked our way to level 90, we grinded dailies in what seemed like forever, we farmed rep to try and get ahead. We openede on the Stone Guards in Mogushan Vaults a rough month later than most other guilds on the server, as we spent some time figuring out where we would be heading this tier. Once kicked off, though, there really was no way back.

Raid progression T14

Clearing MSV while working on progression in Heart of Fear, all the while keeping a keen eye on those Raid Achievements, which - by the way - we still hold our Realm First for. We gotta keep up on that with the new raid tier released, else we risk being ambushed by some other guilds who are right behind us. Finally clearing Hear of Fear, making "amber-babies" to trap the adds on Empress, we moved into Terrace of Endless Spring. The Protectors weren't much at protecting, so we could quickly move on to Tsulong - our healers dream and nightmare at the same time, he does offer both dayphases as well as nightphases, appropriately enough. Lycanfox raidboss "favourite" Lei Shi seemed to be almost like LFR, so it was time to start work on the Sha of Fear. This is when our roster problems really started.


From that point and until now, we've struggled with people and really struggled to get viable setups for the proper progression, on heroic modes. We do see some people now returning, likely because the Patch has been released - those of you who do decide to come back now that new content is released, keep in mind that someone else in the guild worked their asses of to make things happen while you decided to "take a break". For next time, it'd be nice if you let us know so that planning around these breaks might be possible. Our heroic mode progression came to a halt with rosterproblems as well as what's explained in the next paragraph... In addition to random people deciding to break a while, we had a couple of core raiders have Real Life get in the way, so it was obviously bad timing as well. It has seemed to be an ongoing problem not only in our guild, but several guilds on several realms...

Heroix modez T14

We did, however, get the proper epic feel when we finally killed Gara'jal the Spiritbinder on heroic mode. He was a proper dpscheck at the time, and when he finally dropped, we were all ecstatic. We got to a total of 3 bosses down on heroic mode ahead of the patch (new raid tier), as Blade Lord Ta'yak proved to be close to our new Al'Akir - and our best attempt has had him at roughly 6%. Hopefully, rosterproblems be gone with the patch, and we can go and show him what it's really supposed to look like when we come to get his loots.

Patch 5.2 The Thunder King

It's time to head of to the Isle of Thunder, for more pet hunting (do we see a boomkin in them bushes?), rare hunting (oh, that's that same boomkin, ain't it?), new elites, new world bosses, new raid bosse, new rep work and new dailies. Time to once again buckle up and get ready to shine new armor pieces, stat balancing and maximising our toons to the uttermost of their potentials. Oh, and by the way, we also have aspiring new trials with us in the raid group: a big welcome to Poupougne and Teravor. Best of luck on your trial period.

The story of a rogue and her landshaaaaaaaaaaaarks...

Oh, and who'll ever forget the LFR where we ended up being the guild with that rogue... But, but, guuuuuuys....650K aoe dps with Landshark G91!!! Who can resist that???

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