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Thursday, 24 January 2013 17:46

So, we continued our ventures off and after a gazillion below 3%-5% wipes, even a couple of below 1%, we finally killed Gara'jal on Heroic mode. It did indeed feel heroic, and we got some nice loots and could feel proud with every reason. We had tries with no adds in the Spirit Realm, we had tries where it seemed like an overpopulated small country, we had tries where only dps'ers would be ported in there, we had tries where our tank died in the Spirit Realm cause dps'ers would slack, I believe we had every possible version of the encounter before finally killing him. However, the kill felt ├╝berawesomeasauce, and with some more gears on us we can come back and gank him proper PVP-style!

So, the full clear of HoF was up for dibs. We quickly figured out how we wanted to do the fight, now all that was left was the actual execution. We had a <1% wipe on her which left us with sweaty palms in several European countries and we could not leave the reset at that, thus we put in an extra run the next day. We had a group pretty close to the original one, and after sorting out the new setup - we pretty much just went and killed her. Of, course, after building and trapping the Reavers the proper way, granting us the achivement Timing is Everything.

Awesome work, from everyone. Oh, and I must not forget: We have a newly promoted Honored Raider in our ranks, Nuklearika! Welcome and great efforts while on trial, now let's see if Magisize (NO, Thomas, it's NOT the name you want it to be, no matter how you spell it out!) cuts it over the next few weeks. Best of luck!

We're all now SO ready for Terrace of Endless Spring!

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