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Thursday, 24 January 2013 17:19
Rite, January got kickstarted by our Christmas efforts, through which we had 2 bosses down on HC mode in MSV, and learning how to deal with the Wind Lord. Mel'jarak had to hand his goods over on our first night on him in the New Year. Check us out in the killshot after downing Wind Lord! I'm pretty sure there's someone nekkid on there - there usually is...sigh... Not sure where Flaskies became known for having nudity in their killshots, to be honest, and it's a tradition we'll try and not bring along. Maybe we'll start putting censor patches on the screenies?

Anyways, we had some interesting work done on Wind Lord before we could loot him, we'd have people stand on Bombs at really low percentage on the boss, we'd have a healer randomly die at the transition into last phase, we'd have people slow to move out from melee so that the AmberTrap chained onto the tank (oh, man, it felt like Sindragosa from ICC all over!!!)... Flaskies did what Flaskies do, and shaped up in the end, though - so we could prevail!

Arrrgh, so many raiders not really into the "vehicle"-thingie... So, this fight is interesting, as you do need to have EVERY single raider know how to deal with being in an Amber Construct. As if that's not enough, we get to fight this mutant HUGE version of "ourselves" whilst at it. Get used to the 4 buttons while in the Construct guys: 1) Interrupt the big dudah, 2) Interrupt your own explosion, 3) Consume Amber from the pools (IF needed only) and 4) Exit vehicle... Jaja, I know - that's 4 things to remember, and on top of that, the others had to get you below 20% to even activate button #4, AND on top of that, when you used #3 and Consumed Amber, you regained a chunk of health, usually tipping you over the magical 20%... Interesting...

Jack to the rescue!
Our lovely Boomkin (who generally really really hates those vehicle-based mechanics) was picked every single time on our killing try, so I guess he really ain't so bad at it, after all. We got some loots and were all happy for a while... Until we went and saw Spiritbinder Gara'jal on Heroic mode (again)...

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