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Wednesday, 02 January 2013 14:21
So, we've stepped over into 2013. Flaskies sure knew to do their Christmas Kickoff properly , and spent some time knocking over some HC mode bosses. The Stoneguard as well as Feng the Accursed have now both been looted and had their ashes spread before the winds on top of Neverest. Really nice work from everyone and grats on nice progression in MSV on HC mode.

As previous posts show, we also did nice work on some raid achievements, as well as delving into some non-raiding aspects of the game. We've had late-(and I mean really really late)-night training sessions for Pet Battlers, getting some rather ignorant Flaskies up to scratch on the whats and wheres of Pet Battles. Still a ways to go to get to the end achivements as for pet battles, but somehow, we stayed at it for some 6 hours straight...

Some of the raid achievements we went for were the non-meta-required And It's Good where you basically have your raiders STAND IN SHIZZLES. I was like "OMG, wtf, Blizz gives us an achievement for doing something any raidleader has spent yeeeeeeears on trying to make their raiders NOT do, by reflex." Thank you for that! Anyways, it's an achievement that can be done without even starting the encounter, so we're thinking some funny soul at Blizz Offices thought "Hmmm - let's see...these trash mobs have this awesome ground effect that tosses people miles up in the air and away... Let's give them a surprise achievement, so they can laugh at it when they do mess up and stand in the stuff on the ground. Against better knowing." So, we went and (sort of) treated ourselves to the surprise :D

As for the boss encounter itself, the achievement on Elegon is really just part of deal-with-mechanics the way they should be dealt with, and thou shall be rewarded. Straight Six - basically, once you have the dps and distribute it wisely, this achievement shall be yours to keep. No one really has to focus on doing anything differently, just do their thing, kill the pylons as quick as they can AND help your neighbour out if you finish off yours first...

We've had some changes to the raidsquad and thus are, for the month of January, trying out new raid hours - Thu/Fri+Sun/Mon, Honored Raiders, make sure to check out the new raid hours in your calendars. And please, be nice to the raidleader, and sign up (or off) well in advance. Makes raid planning so much easier for the faint of heart... With the New Year, we welcome a few new raiders who will join us and be on trial for a while - let's be nice to them and make them feel at home. Hopefully, they will put out some nice numbers both for damage and healing :)

After a long time of not keeping up with killshots, we've been good over Christmas, and made sure everyone was groomed and glossy so we could have some killshots after them new HC kills. Have a look. We think our Boomkin really really thinks he can fly... We, on the other hand, are more like "uhm...not so sure, Jack..."

A big thank you to our Friendly Socials, who've stepped up during Christmas Week so that the have-no-RL-Raiders have been able to keep at it in the instances and made raid composition viable for killing some bosses while our Bears went away on their Bear-Of-The-Year-Convention and others just "had to" do this or that. Real life happens occasionally, and it does sometimes get in the way... :D

HAPPY HAPPY 2013, everyone! Looking forward to lots of loots, achievements, glory and not to mention all the "that's what she said" during prime raid hours...
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