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Wednesday, 02 January 2013 11:23
Yoo thot we were all lazy, resting our bums and bellies over Christmas? Well, you were wrong, Mister. We went and took a Realm First Raid Achievement, on Imperial Vizier Zor'lok.

You see, he has these tiny Zealous Parasites that only show once the encounter has started. They rest peacefully, in pairs, by the four pillars in the main hall, and can be picked up by any raid member during the fight. For each bug you pick up, you are debuffed and get a 30% decrease on your movement speed per bug - so, you only ever want to pick up one! Supposedly, it stacks, we did not dare try that out though...

Also, we found out the hard way, that people who are mind controlled at the moment the boss is killed, and anyone who dies (even though the buff remains on them) will NOT receive individual credit for this achievement. However, if you do ress someone up after they die, make sure to check whether they still have the debuff or need to pick up a new bug so that they don't fail the achievement for everyone else, as EVERYONE in the raid group, including those dead have to have the debuff on their character when the boss dies.

If you do everything the right way, you will receive the Overzealous achievement.

Also, we were in the TOP 100 guilds (#98) in the world, and #43 in the EU, to do this achievement, that's kinda cool :D

Grats all Flaskies - good job!

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