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Wednesday, 02 January 2013 10:22
Rite, there are so many ways we all get ready for Christmas. Some clean their floors, some carry the firewood in for the fireplace, some decorate their Christmas Trees, some go bananas at the local shop and buy presents for all and everyone that they all usually already have...

Some put a lot of effort into creating their presents to their someone special, and some work their iron-bellies up towards the great many feasts incoming. Some do not really pay a lot of attention to this thing called Christmas, and do not really celebrate it. With Flaskies, there's room for everyone - - and our way of getting ready for Christmas was naturally raid related.

There was this major bug. And yeah, we mean BUG as in a giaaaant insect that really needed to be cleaned out of Hear of Fear before we could all attend to our real life chores. He was a proper bugger, and we struggled for quite a while before we could successfully loot him. As the screenshot shows, we had to even threaten him with a nekkid Deathspulse in order to give us out loots...

Anyways, whilst figuring out this boss, we also did nice work with continued full clears of MSV, as well as our weekly chores of LFR on different toons. We've had some changes made to our raid schedules and raid setup - hopefully it will give us some fun experiences as we head off into 2013.

We do hope all of ye Flaskies had a very Merry Christmas!

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