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Written by Administrator   
Thursday, 15 November 2012 11:09
This guy was really a rampup in difficulty, we can hardly remember the last time we struggled like this on an entry boss. A challenge is fun though! It makes it so much more worth it once you actually do nail him to the ground! We believe our beloved elemental shaman, Tito, might have a few words to say about the Attenuation, and please do explain to us Tito, how come once we get Shame into the run you freshen up and execute almost perfectly? Had we known Shame had that effect on you we would have brought him in before!

Anyways, after our nights on him, we should now all know the mechanics properly, so that after this week of gearing up a bit more in MSV and LFR, we should be able to down him with a few less wipes, and we can hopefully farm him for all he's worth!

Regardless, nice work from everyone!
I do feel a little bad for Ejsenhard, losing his internet just as we're kind of sorting things out - so he lost out on the kill. But then, he'll get it next week, I am sure.

Cheers guys, keep up this good work - you make raidleading worth it!