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Thursday, 01 November 2012 10:07
We just went and made sure our Perky Pugs got the experience of their lifetime last night. After clearing a bit of trash (no one really has to know we actually wiped when we pulled the second Enormous Stone Quilen while we were still at 85 stacks of Petrification. Not clever, nor smart.) , we went to figure out how to train the Stone Guards to obey us and give us all their loots!

They wouldn't really listen to us, but after struggling a bit with failmacros and tauntswaps failing on the timings and just people taking way too much damage from Overloads from non-petrifying Guards - we got ourselves the kill, the loots AND even the achievement Must Love Dogs. Nice work, people! Grats!

Oh, and having Feng (the next boss) hitting the third and last phase after few attempts (the logs are lying, as we did have some wipes because a certain huntaaaaaaard ninjapulled, and a certain bear went to show the other bear where he'd pick up the crystal for stealing Feng's abilities, or something like that... Fun times, we know...), we could conclude our successful first Official Flaskaholics Raid in this tier.
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