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Thursday, 25 October 2012 08:46
So, we're well into MoP, getting ready to start raiding, working on challenge modes and heroic dungeon achievements as well as finally getting to Exalted reputation with those new factions in Pandaria. As the game offers a variety of ways of gearing up or generally spend/waste time ingame, I thought I'd put in some information for you guys on here. Knowing that quite a few of us slack, and tend to "learn the hard way", I'll try and spare you some of the trouble... Read on, if you're intrigued...

Buffing your Rep Grinding
For those who don't know it yet, please remember to get the Unburdened buff by clicking on the fire outside Stormwind now, during the Hallow's End World Event. It will give you a nice increase to your rep building.

Do not forget to buy the Tushui Tabard, it is currently the only Faction you can build rep with by means of wearing their tabard through dungeons in Pandaria. You can buy it from Old Whitenose, who can be found standing near the portal to Pandaria in Stormwind. At Exalted with the Tushui (if you're looking for the Faction in your reputation pane ingame, it is found together with the Alliance ones, under Classic factions), you can buy the panda racial turtle mount from the same guy who sold you the tabard. Doing daily quests (cooking, fishing and the likes) in any major Alliance city will also build you reputation with the Tushui.

Exalted Faction End-Quest Rewards
Also, spend your Valor Points wisely, and check out the quest rewards for Shadow of the Empire with the Klaxxi, as well as the rewards for The Final Power for the Golden Lotus. These are end-quests for small questlines that you open once you reach Exalted with the respective factions. If the rewards are good for you, you might want to spend your VPs on filling other slots.

Golden Coins for Bonus Loot
One of the first things you should be doing after each Tuesday night "reset", is to trade in 90 of your Lesser Charms of Good Fortune by picking up and handing in the quest Elder Charms of Good Fortune. You pick up and hand in at Elder Lin, she is located at the bottom level of the Shrine of Seven Stars in Valley of Eternal Blossom, just below where the Flight Path and main terrace is. This will reward you with 3xElder Charms of Good Fortune. You can only do this quest once a week, and you can hold a maximum of 10 of these Golden Coins on each toon.

This is your main currency if you want to take your shot at extra bonus loot off raid bosses, in LFR, on world bosses or even in normal/heroic mode raids. The bonus roll is always exclusively for you - it may yield you absolutely nothing but gold - but it may also leave you with a brand new shiny from the boss loot table, which we all do love, right? The bonus loot is a roll in addition to the regular roll that everyone in the group does on each boss, so don't be afraid that either of the rolls will interfere with each other.

Now that you have your Golden Coins, here are a couple of pointers for you as to where you might want to spend them:

Looking For Raid
Obviously, this is usually total faceroll, and will drop iLvl 476 items. Check the different loot tables for the different bosses to see if it would be good for you to spend a Golden Coin after the boss is down. Also, it is said that you can kill these bosses repeatedly throughout the week, and spend a coin on each kill, to try and get that very special item that the boss has been taking care of for you only... However, on any kills subsequent to your first, you will (like in Dragon Soul LFR) be lootlocked for the regular loots, and will not get multiple chances at the regular loot.

World Bosses (40 man raids)
Sha of Anger
This one is very very very angry. For some reason, the Sha seems to now have a 10-15 mins respawn rate, if you want to be in on a kill - travel to Kun-Lai Summit and check out the spawnspots which are mainly in the southeasternt quadrant of this zone. Keep in mind that this being a World Boss, both Hordes and Alliance will be fighting to get the tag, as well as multiple Alliance groups may aiming for him during high-peak hours on the realm. If you find a spawned Sha, you're bound to find fellow players who are eager to get a kill. Group up with them, and try for a kill. Try not to get yourself PVP-tagged as that might complicate the taggin/killing, also - if (when) you die - do your corpserun and stop slacking!

Most importantly, the Sha drops a couple of tier items for each class (ilvl 496): T14 gloves and T14 legs, so if you're in proper luck, you can get your 2set bonus without actually setting foot in any kind of raid instance. In addition, this boss drops a lot of PVP gear, Season 12 (iLvl 483) - you can see this boss as the Vault of Archavon (WotLK)/Baradin Hold (Cata) boss of MoP. If it is your first time killing the Sha, remember to loot the boss for the Claw of Anger (everyone in the raid can loot it who has not already done the quest), which starts Remnants of Anger, a handin quest rewarding you with iLvl 476 boots.

When he does spawn, he spawns in the southeastern corner of Valley of the Four Winds, in the Rumbling Terrace.This guy looks like a supermonstrous-giant Kodo. His respawn rate is waaaay different from the Sha, and he has not been seen as frequently, rather a few times a week as opposed to the Sha now popping multiple times per hour. This fight is also slightly harder, and getting a tag might be more difficult as the low spawnrate makes him an extremely popular target, for both Horde and Alliance.
  • You might spend Golden Coins on bonus loot chances on this boss.
  • You might kill as often as you want during a reset.
  • Has a chance of dropping a fancy mount: Son of Galleon's Saddle.

In addition to these ways of spending coins, of course, there are the regular/heroic modes in the released raid instances. We will, hopefully be hitting those soon!
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