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Saturday, 25 February 2012 18:01
Bored? Wanna do something on a non-raidnight of the week? Something that'll at least get your guildies some achipoints? Well, here's how, and if you do it all right, there's a pretty nice dragonmount that comes with this as well :) How to get more than a 100 achievepops during one raid night? Here's how: 1. Take a raidgroup of people who did not really level their toons until after Cata came out. 2. Ship them all off to Stormpeaks, Northrend 3. Lure them all inside Ulduar! 4. Pewpew & Get Achipops! We must've had people getting at least 25+ achies per person in that place on this particular night. Check them all out in the screenshot, those mounts are cool, aren't they? Thanks to the non-slackers for showing up for oldschool fun. You can say what you all want, but there's not much ingame that'll match the raidfeel of Ulduar. It is amaaaaazing!!!
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