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Monday, 06 February 2012 18:13
Ever since we first set foot inside the Firelands instance, we've been grinding away in our 10man runs to get our dear Mel all the things needed to complete the questline for his Dragonwrath. It has indeed been a long, long adventure, we've had our ups and our downs, we've felt triumphant and on the brink of tearing up - we've been frustrated at the "Noob o' the Week" just not being able to deal with the fight mechanics on heroic mode, knowing that heroic modes would have Mel progress quicker on his quest.

We've frapsed kills, we've done it all - hey, we've even had our Picnics inside the instance. Most of all, we've had months of fun (and some weeks with not so much fun...) in this instance, and are now on 6/7 bosses down on HC mode in there. Seeing as we've just had Mel get his sorely needed Staff this week, we've not really had a look at Raggy-on-Feet. But that's fun times (?) yet to come for us!

Anyways, a big GRATS to our dearest Warlock Exalted General in Flaskaholics - grats Meldrith!!!

Here's couple of screenshots from the event in SW when he handed in the final quest:
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