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Wednesday, 25 January 2012 01:30
Just a very sincere thank you to all my lovely, lovely Raiders! Upon completing Madness of Deathwing tonight, with our cleanest kill to date - improving our old record by a minute or so, we had the Reins of the Blazing Drake drop off him. My Raiders lured me into thinking one of my officers/raiders neeeded a word in another channel on Mumble just as I was about to deal with the loot for the Mount. I bought it. Silly cow, me, much. Anyways, after a brief chat about stuff I must admit I thought "Why did he have to tell me these things right now? While still dealing with the loots - leaving the others waiting around up there?", we jumped back to the others - and they interrupted before I could even say "Shut Up" properly - and told me they had voted that the mount should not be rolled for like we'd normally do - but it should go to me. AMAGAAAAAAAD!!! I really thought you were just pulling my leg, Adam!

Thank you to everyone - I was caught by surprise and really never expected this. To top it all off properly, I had the Mountain o' Mounts achi pop up just as I trained this newcomer to my stable... Another surprise of the night, right there - I haven't kept track lately, so...

Not entirely sure, but I'm thinking of naming her Spinella - though, I've gotta get to know her properly first...
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