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Wednesday, 11 January 2012 14:50
As much as Flaskies Raiders (particularly the guys in our raidgroup, for some reason) seem to dislike it when I ask them to "hug" each other or actually "Holding Hands" as we needed to in order to get ourselves ANOTHER REALM FIRST achievement, they still went in there and did it. We had decided that the goal on Hagara was to get the achievement before "just killing her", as she has been the one proper farmboss (alongside Morchok) for us since the first week the new raid tier was released. We failed on the first Lightning Storm, but then on the second Lightning Storm, we got it all right and "BAM!", there it was!!!

For some very strange reason, we wiped at an embarassing % of hp on the boss, so we went back in...and...wiped...again! Lol, it was getting ridiculous, and we went back up there. And, almost wiped again... Sigh... We almost wiped more on her than on the heroic mode boss we are currently working on. Anyways, we moved on, and did a 7/8 clear by the end of the night, as well as a below 10% try on Madness. Having only downed him once, with a compeletely different setup from what we had tonite, I trust we will farm him soon enough.

Anyways, getting yet another Realm First Achi, was fun - and now that's over and done with so we can focus 100% on heroic mode up at the Eye. Every once in a while, it's fun to fiddle around with rankings at different ranking sites, and wowprogress.com gives us some nice numbers this week. It has us as number 3530 in THE WORLD when ranked by Raid Achievements for 10/25 mixed. For a small guild like ours, that is quite the achievement. Grats to everyone!
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