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Saturday, 07 January 2012 18:34
Right, another couple of awesome resets have passed by. Us Flaskies have been really busy. We've worked on a few new T11 heroic mode bosses down in BWD hc, we've dealt with Madness of Deathwing - finally, we killed him! We've also moved into heroic modes in Dragon Soul, and Morchok and his equally nasty twin brother, Kohcrom, have been looted and can hopefully be farmed.

But this is not all, my dear fellow Guildies. We've also been rallying troops to catch up with New Horizon on the Guild Achievement Rankings again, and here's a li'l fraps of us finally Gettin That Bigger Boat. Thanks to Lycanfox for making that, I truly think he only wanted to show off his mount, but...whatever... :d

Anyways, a big GRATS to everyone for working as hard as you all have to get us to where we are; at 1/8 on heroic mode progression in the Final Endgame Tier of Raiding :P
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