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Wednesday, 07 December 2011 12:50
Not that we think any of you think so - but we just want to point out that this week has shown us that there's no such thing as lazy Flaskies! Before we were midway into this raid lockout, we had dealt with 4 of the bosses on normal mode 10man in Dragon Soul. Here's a quick recap of the four initial bosses - most will know them by now, from the LFRs. However, the fights are not the same on normal mode as through the LFR. LFR proved to be a nice stepping stone though, gearing us up slightly while giving us excellent insight to the base mechanics of the fights.

After finishing and looting these four bosses, we moved on and had not had enough for the week just yet. We sorted out Ultraxion with the help of the Aspects, and then finally moved on to Warlmaster Blackhorn last night.

This guy is a total walkover - but I guess there's always an introboss like this - not sure why they'd keep that around now that LFR is around - but anyways - I shan't complain - we can kill and get loots! He is easy-peasy, really. Tanks taunt back and forth, dps/healers run to the bubble to share damage if you're beamed, move behind the rock crystals when he does the dark blood-thingie on the ground. Heal people up before each stomp. Pewpew -> Loot -> Move on...

Yor'sahj - the Unsleeping
This one is slightly more challenging than Morchok, but still - for any organized group, he is easy as well. Just make sure you get your colours right. We went for Purple -> Green -> Yellow - ALWAYS. Secondly, whenever a Mana Void was up, it would have total kill prio. A bit of spreading out if we had a Green Blob/Ooze left alive, or oppositely (ist that even a word?) stacking nicely if we had to let a Yellow one pass. Other than that - just PWN him properly for some nice loots.

Warlord Zon'ozz
This one required a bit of planning on our part - Let's play Ping-Pong - yes, there's even an achievement for that - we'll do that at some point, but not just yet. Anyways - get the bouncing right and you can kill this guy - We used 1 tank on this fight (you can only do that if the tank and tankhealer can cope, we have Pao and Sol :)). Stack those bounces on him properly, and he'll take a tonload of damage in the later shadow phases - Go knock yourselves out! Time timewarp/heroism properly and you can own nice loots!

Hagara - the Stormbinder
This one was interesting - as we 2 shot her. Never ever having been before except one kill through the LFR. This is like Al'akir/Alysrazor in their retired versions - the ice walls move ridiculusly slow, and just have your raiders understand how to kill the crystals while moving - and chaining the lightning when she does her Storm. Also, ranged soaking the beams in normal phases and prio on freeing people in Frost Tombs.

The gearcheck of Dragon Soul. We beat the enrage timer by like 0.00000001 sec, I believe. Sort out who can eat Hour of Twilight by themselves, have the healers planned for the buffs from our lovely Aspects helping out, and get the timings right on using Heroic Will as well as Fading Light (especially on the tanks) for a working taunt rotation. All in all a "showoff"-fight, tbh.

Warmaster Blackhorn
We didn't even spend one night learning this fight - we just really planned a bit, adjusted positioning and assignments slightly, and the second time ever that we hit P2, he went down. Deathwing - here we come!!!

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